About CarolSue Stories

My name is CarolSue Ayala (formerly known in my work life as Carol Carpenter). I write the blog I call carolsuestories.com as a way to chronicle and share with others our new life adventure as full-time travelers.

This life change started for us in late August 2012. That’s when my husband Phil and I sold our beautiful 5-1/2 acre home with its furniture on Kauai, Hawaii, along the horses, the boat, the cars, the truck and trailer, the golf cart, the riding lawnmower and all the garden tools. We stuck the photos, and some of the kitchen gear and clothes I thought I couldn’t part with into a 15-foot storage locker and began our nomadic adventure. We were now without a home and with fewer possessions than I ever thought possible.

When we are in the continental United States, we wander around in a 38-foot RV, towing a Jeep and 2 bicycles behind it. When we go where RV’s can’t, we put the thing in storage and travel around with our carry-on-only bags to a hotel, condo or apartment in some exotic location that suits us and fits our budget. Admittedly, we have for short periods become “boomerang parents” and crashed at out daughter’s house in San Francisco. We still have the storage locker but it’s diminishing. The daughter now has the vacuum cleaner and the Vita-Mix and Goodwill has some of the clothes and the oversized luggage.

Phil and I both had fulfilling careers before retirement. When I married him in 1994 he was the CEO of an HMO, providing life and health services to help the frail elderly stay in their homes rather than in nursing homes. He has a masters degree in psychology and focused his career on gerontology.

I came to California from the South in 1978 and started a massage therapy school in the Bay Area. When I left National Holistic Institute (NHI) the school had nearly 500 students a year and over 50 employees. I sold the business in 2003 to a couple of energetic guys who have since added several branches up and down the state. With that Phil and I had the good fortune of retiring in our mid 50s and living our first decade of retirement in Hawaii.

Why did we leave our Island Paradise and embark on this sojourn? Well, that’s what “carolsuestories.com” is all about. I started writing these stories as soon as we left Kauai and have taken readers along with us as it all unfolds. I love the adventures we are having, the people we meet, and the things I am learning about myself and others. It’s true what they say you know, that “wherever you go, there you are." I hope you will come along with me on “carolssuestories.com” and discover, right along with us, what it’s like to live an uncharted life.

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